Designing a security framework for a property takes in-depth knowledge of the needs and interests of the different stakeholders including local law enforcement, property management, property owners and tenants.

This is where the experience of the Reliant design team, with thousands of cameras installed at properties in ten states, makes a significant difference. Each property is thoroughly surveyed to identify hazards, such as broken gates and tripping hazards and areas of congregation that lack surveillance video coverage and areas if ingress and egress.. Indicators for problem areas are listed: broken fences, unofficial pathways, graffiti, signs of vandalism, and any specific concerns of the property management.

Once mapped, the Reliant team is able to define required camera locations and angles, and whether additional technologies may be required, such as access control, lighting, biometric readers, night vision cameras or specialty lenses. Based on needs the design team may include one or more SOCs (Security Operations Centers,) as well as MRT (Mobile Response Team) support, either on a full- or part-time basis.

Thousands of installed cameras

Since its founding, Reliant has installed thousands of cameras systems in properties nationwide in all types of physical property structures, tenant types, and uses to include:  – high-rise, low rise, garden style, market rate, affordable,, senior citizen and retail and office.

Handpicked professionals

The Reliant design team consists of experts in a broad range of expertise, including  real estate and property management professionals, IT technicians, retired military officers and ex-law enforcement with experience in increasing property cash flow, narcotics investigations, crime fighting and counter-terrorism.