Reliant Safety’s Security Operations Center (SOC) is a fully-equipped remote video control facility with instant access to live and recorded video from any camera incorporated into our network, for rapid review of historical footage as well as live video monitoring.

Reliant Safety SOCs are manned by professionals capable of handling security incidents from detecting incidents, tracking individuals as they move around a complex, remotely coordinating operations with police and emergency services, and providing usable evidence for prosecution when needed.

The SOC should be viewed by property managers and owners as a remote management tool that can be used to augment the capabilities and efficiency of on-site property staff. Utilizing Reliant Safety’s methods to efficiently administer lease violations, prevent vandalism, and address security concerns frees up property staff’s time to focus on the day-to-day operations of the business.

Create significant cost savings by reducing property expenses and increasing collections

We have found through our experience working with hundreds of property managers across the country that compelling cost savings can be achieved at a property through the use of cameras and remote monitoring services.  With video footage available, collections rates due to vandalism increase dramatically, the need for on-site security guard services decreases, and as the overall safety of the property increase so does occupancy.

Leverage your current investment in existing camera technology

Most all camera systems, whether new or existing, can be integrated and monitored remotely through our proprietary software that supports our SOCs.  Your existing analog (coaxial-cable based) camera will continue to operate in tandem with newer, IP-based cameras, protecting your existing investment and lowering the total cost of ownership of your system.