Expertly-installed lighting fixtures can not only reduce criminal activity in problem areas, where violations and crimes could not be detected or effectively captured by video cameras. Adequate lighting also allows reclaiming public space in a building or complex, making it safe for all tenants to pass through, congregate or play without fear.

In addition, better lighting helps minimize incidents of slip & fall and other types of injury, thus reducing owners’ liability expenses.

Reliant Safety’s lighting fixtures are energy efficient, with sensor activation that both eliminates operation during the daytime, and makes sure the lights will be on when needed (e.g. during daytime downpours.)

The Reliant Safety Advantage

Better video surveillance coverage

Lighting fixtures installed adjacent to video cameras greatly increase the effective coverage range and video quality, leading to better situational awareness, as well as more usable video evidence.

The right lighting fixture for each area

In most cases, the area lighting system is designed as part of the overall site assessment and system design process. Different types of light fixtures are available for different needs–tamper/vandal resistant, IR (for night vision), extended range, etc., to maximize efficiency while minimizing overall system cost.

Reliant Safety Expertise

Our experienced installers have gained expertise in numerous buildings and commercial facilities across ten states. All of Reliant Safety’s installers are certified for the OSHA-10 safety standard.