When police intervention or investigation is required at a building or complex, it’s critical to have experienced professionals on the ground that can provide the police what they need, and serve as a mediator—and often buffer—between the police and the building’s tenants, employees and owners.

Reliant Safety’s MRT (Mobile Response Team) personnel are generally all former law enforcement officers or ex-military. They possess a thorough understanding of how to work with the police through every stage of handling incidents – familiarity with violation codes, what evidence is needed and how to effectively gather it. They know which police, municipal or social services agencies need to be addressed in different scenarios (e.g. drugs, domestic violence, juvenile) and who to contact for a search warrant, when required.

In effect, the MRT augments the police presence at a property by performing many investigation and evidence-gathering activities in-house, while attempting to diffuse volatile situations and minimize animosity and tension between tenants, site staff and police.

Using Reliant Safety’s MRT serve as a police liaison, the building’s management and employees are saved the fear of retaliation for informing the police about a crime. When an incident is brought to the attention of MRT staff, they take full ownership over it, in most cases insulating the building employee from the investigative and legal process altogether. The same goes for tenants who report a crime – their identity will not be exposed, making them more likely to take action if criminal behavior is observed..

Reliant Safety’s police liaison services have been proven to reduce crime of all types and improve tenants’ quality of life, which in turn translates to higher occupancy, reduced need for on-site security companies  and significantly reduced operating costs.

Streamline police activity and increase the reporting of crimes

Reliant Safety’s MRT staff will provide the police the intelligence and evidence needed to quickly and effectively investigate crimes, get a search warrant and make arrests.  By serving as a buffer between the police and the building’s tenants, employees and owners, more crimes are reported without the fear of retaliation.

Remote access capabilities

Reliant Safety’s police liaison service also includes the ability to remotely grant access for law enforcement and emergency personnel to enter buildings, and remotely monitor the situation on the ground during police activity.

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