Reliant Safety’s Mobile Response Teams (MRTs) are the company’s on-site security personnel. The MRTs are charged with maintaining security at each property, both in their interactions with tenants and using the video surveillance, access control and biometric identification systems.

Reliant Safety’s MRTs consist almost entirely of former law enforcement officers and military personnel. This allows them to also efficiently serve as the property management liaisons with law enforcement, by providing intelligence from informants and from the anonymous Tenant Tips Hotline, as well as video evidence of crimes. Often, Reliant Safety’s security personnel would deal proactively with volatile situations, in effect minimizing police presence at the property.

Reliant Safety’s MRTs also support properties’ managements in non-security matters. Maintenance employees are able to inform MRT members about crimes or violations, which are handled directly by the MRT, saving the employees the fear of retaliation from tenants.

On-The-Beat Experience

Reliant Safety MRT members each have years of experience in handling crime and volatile situation in a professional manner, treating tenants and employees at all types of properties with respect, while making sure that the rules and regulations of the property are upheld.

Crime and Violation Prevention Through Trust and Cooperation

In all Reliant Safety-secured properties, the professional conduct of the team members instill trust among tenants, which in turn helped in preventing crimes and ridding the property of criminals, through anonymous tips from tenants and intelligence from informants at the property.

Full Situational Awareness

One of the most important tools in the MRT arsenal is video surveillance, that allows tracking offenders to units and confronting crimes and quality-of-life violations with hard video evidence.

MRT members are equipped with ruggedized tablets for continuous wireless access to the video surveillance system