Reliant Safety provides much more than security. In each and every Reliant-secured property, nationwide, we have become an invaluable resource for management, providing full situational awareness and becoming, in effect, partners in management.

Our Security Operation Center serves as property remote management tool that can be used by managers and owners to augment the capabilities and efficiency of on-site property staff.  Utilizing Reliant Safety’s methods to efficiently administer lease violations, prevent vandalism, and address security concerns frees up property staff’s time to focus on the day-to-day operations of the business.

Reliant’s MRT (Mobile Response Team) members, equipped with surveillance video, access control and biometric sensor data, are able to assist management in detecting lease violations and evicting unlawful tenants, and provide evidence for a wide range of non-criminal violations. Tenants become fully-accountable for their actions, and thanks to what is often indisputable video evidence they face prosecution for the most serious violations.

Reliant Safety also supports each property’s employees in their day-to-day work, by identifying quality-of-life violators that interfere with operations and by protecting them from potentially false claims by tenants. In addition, management companies can take advantage of Reliant’s Employee Tracking service to monitor employees’ whereabouts and increase productivity.

Maintain the Value of your Property

Alongside the security operation, Reliant Safety allows property managers to maintain a higher quality property and measurably reduce recurring repair and maintenance costs.  Eliminating repeated quality-of-life violators, perpetrators of vandalism, and illegal subletters,  the overall quality of the property increases and tenants become to attempt such act in the future due to the known likelihood of being caught.

Protect your Employees

Employees at properties secured by Reliant Safety enjoy the benefit of being watched over, to refute claims of mistreatment or negligence by tenants, and MRT team members that available to provide enhanced physical security.

Increase Occupancy and Revenue

We have found through our experience working with hundreds of property managers across the country that compelling cost savings can be achieved at a property through the use of cameras and remote monitoring services.  With video footage available, collections rates due to vandalism increase dramatically, the need for on-site security guard services decreases, and as the overall safety of the property increase so does occupancy.

Mill River Senior Residences, Nassau County, NY
Mill River Senior Residences, Nassau County, NY