Illegal subletting is one of the major problems that residential property owners constantly battle, as it taxes the property’s infrastructure, tenant services, legal liability and in many cases is the cause for unwanted behavior at a property. Illegal subletters tend to take advantage of elderly tenants, and are often part of rent scams, in which the renters don’t even know they are subletting an apartment.

Whether in the form of a “permanent guest”, renting a room or the entire apartment from the tenant on file, or even an Airbnb-style short-term sublet, illegal subletting is prohibited in many residential buildings. If caught, the tenant on file faces the risk of steep penalties or even eviction. However, illegal subletting persists despite the risks due to the difficulty to detect non-tenant persons who enter the building on a regular basis.

Reliant Safety’s approach to fight illegal subletting consists of directly collecting intelligence from tenants or through the Reliant Safety Tenant Tips hotline, and then verifying the identity and entrance credentials of tenants using a host of camera and access control systems to include Biometrics.

Biometric identification is a form of friction-less access control (i.e. entrants walk through the entry point, with no need for an electronic card or key) that combines facial recognition and body movement analysis. Biometric identification systems are extremely accurate (99.7%) and are non-transferable, unlike electronic keys and swipe cards. Reliant Safety is one of a handful of certified partners of FST Biometrics, the industry leader in friction-less access control systems.

User Database Management

We offer services to remotely maintain the access control programs at properties we manage.  Allowing us to manage this process for your property creates more time for site staff to focus on management and improves the overall control measures of a property by performing all of the operations from a centralized database.

Biometric Recognition

Reliant Safety is a Certified Partner of FST Biometrics, the leading develop and manufacturer of biometric software and sensors.

Image courtesy of FST Biometrics