The convenient mobile phone software generates reports and maps of the location history of each employee covered, and includes “virtual fence” alerts for employees entering or exiting properties to which they are assigned.  Additionally, the software will generate visual breadcrumb trail reports showing detailed accounts of an employee’s location over the course of a work day.

Increase Productivity and Accountability

With the Employee Tracking App, employees know that their location and movement are monitored. This has been proven to increase attendance and improve overall quality of work especially for property staff that are required to travel between multiple sites over the course of a day.

Easy to Use

The Employee Tracking App does not require technological savvy or special training, and is based on a standard smartphone mapping framework.  Reliant Safety can administer and maintain your company employee tracking program remotely through our Security Operations Center and provide a customized reporting package tailored to your specific needs.

Virtual Fence

To minimize alerts and log entries, a virtual fence can be drawn around a property, within which employees’ movement are not logged in detail.

Reliant’s Employee Tracking App serves as an invaluable management tool at many of the company’s secured properties