When it comes to installing a critical surveillance camera system, you need experts that understand the full video path, from camera to network to servers, and how to ensure that video won’t be compromised at any point along the path.

Reliant’s expert installers, most with background as exterior electricians, will assure that no cables will ever be left exposed and severable. To this end, all wires are placed in metal conduit piping, using metal mounting boxes and connectors, and cameras are mounted in all-weather strengthened enclosures.

Reliant’s expertise in camera installation assures your investment in camera technology for years to come.  Given the size and scale of our operation, you can trust that we will be stand by all of our installation work and will be ready and available to service any of your future needs when they arise.

Thousands of installed cameras

Since its founding, Reliant has installed thousands of cameras systems in properties nationwide in all types of physical property structures, tenant types, and uses to include:  – high-rise, low rise, garden style, market rate, affordable,, senior citizen and retail and office.

Certified for Safety

All of Reliant’s installers are certified for the OSHA-10 safety standard.

Camera Installation by Reliant Safety, LLC