Access control systems at entry points to buildings, parking lots or any secure area, in residential, commercial or institutional properties, provide superior accuracy and cost efficiency while  replacing security personnel or operating side-by-side with security personnel.

Reliant Safety has vast experience in installing access control systems for both human and vehicular access in properties nationwide, to better secure the property and improve the operations of the property and the lives of tenants.. These systems are managed remotely from Reliant’s Security Operations Center; hence, configuration settings, such adding or removing users, access rules and schedules do not require a technician at the property.

Access control systems can be activated using RFID badges or electronic keys (fobs), Alternatively a high level of accuracy and efficiency (99.97%) can also be achieved using biometric sensors and software, for in-motion identification of entrants using biometric characteristics (facial features and movement analysis.) Biometric recognition has the advantage of non-transferability, unlike electronic keys or cards –which are eliminated, along with the need to issue and replace fobs or cards periodically. Reliant Safety is one of a handful of certified partners of FST Biometrics.

Alerts generated by the access control system can be customized based on very specific needs, including audible and visual alarms and distribution of notifications via email or text message.  Once an alert is received it can be verified using recorded footage of the triggering incident. Full activity logs can be provided for compliance, benchmarking and operational auditing.

Full Key and User Database Management

We offer services to  remotely maintain the access control programs at properties we manage.  Allowing us to manage this process for your property creates more time for site staff to focus on management and improves the overall control measures of a property by performing all of the operations from a centralized database.

Control external systems and devices

Control over physical barriers such as liftgates and building entrances can be managed directly from the access control system’s user interface.

Unlimited Scalability

Our access control systems can be scaled to accommodate an unlimited number of users and user groups.

Biometric Recognition

Reliant Safety is a Certified Partner of FST Biometrics, the leading develop and manufacturer of biometric software and sensors.