About Us

Reliant Safety, a subsidiary of Omni New York LLC and Omni America LLC, was founded in 2009 by Mo Vaughn, Robert Bennett and Eugene Schneur to provide comprehensive property security and management solutions for the affordable housing market nationwide.

Reliant Safety currently maintains and monitors over 10,000 cameras across ten states, which support approximately 19,000 residential units.

Reliant Safety’s innovative approach to property management and security incorporates both remote and local video monitoring, advanced access control technologies, virtual guards, close collaboration with law enforcement and highly-trained personnel, many of whom have formerly served in law enforcement or the military.

Owners and managers of properties managed and secured by Reliant Safety enjoy the benefits of significant cost savings, along with higher occupancy rates and fewer instances of crime and vandalism.

Reliant Safety offers a comprehensive line of services and technologies, including:

  • Camera, Access Control, and Lighting Installation
  • Virtual Guard Monitoring and Property Management Support Services
  • Local Law Enforcement Liaison Services
  • Incident Investigation Services
  • Employee Location Tracking

Our Mission

The mission of Reliant Safety is to hinder all forms of detrimental activity and increase property values through proactive use of security solutions.

Certifications and Letters of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation by the DEA for “Outstanding Contributions to the Drug Enforcement Administration, New York Division”

Letter of Appreciation From the NYPD’s 46th Precinct (Bronx, NY) for “consistent outstanding help and extraordinary response.”

Letter of Appreciation From the NYPD’s 73rd Precinct (Manhattan, NY) for assisting in firearm discharge and drug investigations.