Better Security & Lower Costs through Actionable Video Evidence

Reliant Safety’s extensive use of video surveillance is key in detecting criminal activity and providing evidence for prosecution. It also helps building managements to detect lease violations and evicting unlawful tenants, and provide evidence for a wide range of non-criminal violations. Tenants become fully accountable for their actions, and thanks to indisputable video evidence they face prosecution for the most serious violations.

Video evidence is also instrumental in verifying cases of insurance and workman’s comp claims. Liability costs for false claims are significantly reduced, and corrective safety measures are installed following valid claims.

Criminal Activity

Client visiting apartment used for prostitution is assulted
Shooting Incident
Elderly tenant is robbed in hallway
Man breaks street-level apartment window during domestic dispute
Unauthorized guest breaks glass on entrance door
Tenant breaks hallway glass window

Lease Violations

Tenant sends dog to urinate in hallway
Group of teenage females engage in fist fight
Physical altercation between tenants
Group of juveniles observed vandalizing basement of apartment building
Intoxicated guest damages hallway wall during unauthorized house party
Tenant improperly disposes of mattress in hallway
Authorized guest observed setting fire in hallway


Tenant observed selling narcotics to unidentified male
NYPD Narcotics Division conducts warrented search for narcotics sale

Insurance and Liability Claims

Tenant observed slipping on icy pavement
Tenant's claim of fall caused by faulty flooring is challenged by video evidence
Tenant slips in vestibule as a result of faulty carpeting